Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Pit Bull Ad Blitz: Spay Now or Pay Later
Here is an excellent story on the ASPCA's low-cost spay/neuter urban grafitti campaign that helps Bronx pit bull owners keep their dogs, by Jessica Firger in City Limits.  Read

Report Questions Safety of EPA-Approved Pesticides for Pets
At least 1,600 pet deaths linked to so-called “spot on” treatments with pyrethroids, a class of synthetic pesticides, have been reported to the EPA over the past five years, according to a report by the Center for Public Integrity. These treatments are currently approved for sale by the EPA and are easily available over-the-counter at grocery and hardware stores and specialty pet retailers.

The number is about double the number of reported fatalities tied to similar treatments without pyrethroids, such as Frontline and Advantage — products that also have its critics.

The safety of these anti-flea-and-tick treatments is the subject of the latest addition to the Center's Perils of the New Pesticides project. Pyrethroid-based products from Hartz, Sergeant’s, Farnam, and Bayer have stirred the ire of pet owners, the concern of veterinarians, and the attention of regulatory agencies. Pyrethroid spot on treatments also account for more than half of the “major” pesticide pet reactions reported to EPA over the last five years.  

Is Biden in the Doghouse?
The Vice-president elect's choice to buy a pure bred German shepherd from a breeder and not adopt is causing animal advocates to cringe, the LA Times reports.

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