Monday, December 8, 2008


A Pit Bull for the Obamas?
As the quest for the Obama's First Puppy continues, funnyman Jamie Foxx thinks the First Family needs a Pit Bull.  More

Puppies Save Toddler Freezing in Virginia Woods
A three-year-old lost in the Virginia woods was back home safe Sunday thanks to two puppies who kept him warm through a harrowing night, says the NY Daily News.  More

Birds, Squirrels and Backyard Critters Need Winter Loving
The city's wild critters are able to adapt to the plunging temperatures, but even apartment dwellers can pitch in the help them survive the harsh winter.  Hanging pine cones smathered in peanut butter and sunflower seed from trees is one way to keep migratory birds happy  from More

Dog Owners Would Rather Kick Caffeine Than Forgo Fido
Despite a tough economy, pet owners are willing to sacrifice many luxuries for the sake of their canine companions, but few will give up Internet access, reports a new study by the American Kennel Club.

The survey of over 1,000 people showed 96% of pet owners would kick their latte habit to save money on their dog's expenses.  97% will pass up a massage, and 79% would cancel a teeth whitening appointment so their dog could get their teeth cleaned, and cancel travel plans to continue pampering their pets.

But giving up Internet access isn't an option; a majority of dog owners surveyed said they couldn't give up their Web addiction for the sake of their four-legged companion.

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