Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Rescued Goldendoodle for First Dog?

Now that President Obama (doesn't that sound sweet!) has been sworn in, it's time to settle one of the top orders of business . . . finding.the peftect First Dog. A rescued "golden doodle" might just be the answer to the doggie dilemma, says the Best Friends Animal Society.

Two golden doodle puppies from Missouri fit the Obama Family’s criteria, one that would be easy on allergies, and a pooch from a shelter. Described as having a “ridiculous amount of adorable,” the standard poodle, golden retriever mixes, who were rescued from a puppy mill, are patiently waiting at their foster home in Colorado Springs for a call from The White House.

“Our two Golden Doodle Girls—Stella and Susie—are only four months old and waiting for a loving home—and The White House would be just fine with them,” said Theresa Strader of National Mill Dog Rescue. “They were not in very good shape when we got them; they had various infections including pneumonia, which is common with dogs rescued from puppy mills. But now they are in perfect health and are ready to get on with the rest of their lives.

National Mill Dog Rescue often partners with Best Friends helping to find homes for dogs—usually purebred animals—rescued from puppy mills, large scale commercial mass breeding operations that supply pet shops across the United States.

“Puppy mills are out-of-sight, out-of-mind with the general public,” says Julie Castle, director of community programs for Best Friends Animal Society. “If the Obamas were to adopt Stella or Susie, it would go a long way toward educating Americans about the conditions in puppy mills, which will decrease the demand for these dogs in pet shops.”

Best Friends’ national campaign against puppy mills made the headlines recently when the management of the upscale mall, The Beverly Center, announced it was terminating the lease of “Pet Love,” a store that sold puppy mill dogs for thousands of dollars. This followed months of peaceful, informational protests by Best Friends and other animal welfare groups.

The adoption of Stella and/or Susie would go a long way toward sending a strong message to current and future pet owners: Adoption, coupled with effective spay-neuter programs, enables abused, abandoned dogs to obtain a new lease on life and helps control pet overpopulation.

Strader said, “After helping Stella and Susie to become healthy, their foster family here in Colorado Springs has taught them so many new things. They are both really smart, in just one week they have already learned the basic commands; come, sit, lie down and stay.”

Stella and Susie are housetrained (which should put White House housekeepers at ease). “Stella is more laid back with a very sweet and outgoing temperament but happy to have several naps a day,” Strader added. “Susie is a bit more of a wild child - very energetic and a bit nosy, but also very loving and sweet.”

“We truly believe that adopting either of these darling girls would be a great choice for the First Family,” Strader added. “They definitely had a very difficult beginning but are perfect models for what can be achieved when tender, loving care is given to animals in need.”

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Anonymous said...

We just bought a golden doodle from a breeder - I feel guilty writing that. It's a great mutt. This type of mutt is the perfect dog for the White House if the girls are not allergic to them. My dog is super smart, sweet and lovable. If the White House does not adopt the sister puppies, some wonderful family should. Impressive mutts -