Monday, January 12, 2009


Saturday's NY Daily News "Critters" story, "Battle in the Garden," seems to have generated a lot of buzz, with most people sensitive to the feral cats Clarence and Betty, not the gardeners. Most readers believe Clarence and Betty, who have lived in the St. Marks Prospect Heights Community Garden for more than a year, are part of the community and deserve to stay in the garden.  Alexandra Bonacarti, who cares for the cats at the garden, says she was bombarded with calls and emails from as far as Ft. Lauderdale, by people willing to help relocate the feral duo.   She's hoping the story will create enough community support so the cats can stay right where they are.  What I didn't mention was that Bonacarti removed 10 other cats and kittens from the garden and had them adopted out.   Clarence and Betty are no longer adoptable, but they aren't a nuisance, Bonacarti says.  In fact, their presence keeps other critters and cats out of the garden.   Last week, Clarence and Betty were waiting for Bonacarti when she came with food, but after eating they scampered out of the garden into nearby yards. The photog managed to get this great shot of Clarence.
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